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sexual function remedy

Shen Bai Jin – Sexual Function – Kidney platinum

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100 Acupuncture Needles with One Guide Tube Each (0.25×25)

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10 boxes of Shen Bai Jin – Sexual Function and Kidney Function

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Improving Sexual Function

1 capsule can maintain 168 hours

Boosting the second time growing development


epimedium,rhizoma polygonati,acanthopanax,achyranthes,shizandra berry,broom cypress fruit,wolfberry fruit,

radix asparagi,broomrape,Jinsheng, Producing essence fruit.

Suitable people: People with Kidney function weak and deficiency, penis shrinkage,impotence,premature

ejaculation,sexual hypoesthesia,small and short penis,oligospermatism, agenosomia, Soreness and weakness of

waist and knees, etc.

Dosage: Only take one capsule in 3 days, Do not exceed this dosage.

Forbidden to use:minors and women



Sexual Function Remedy and Kidney Function improvement. long-term administration can increase spirit, essence and vigour and help prevent prostate and other similar diseases

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